You'll learn a lot about sex with her!

We still feel a little weird to come to invite into the house of a friend he had presents two chicks silicones. This is why their relationship is intimate and the doll is here to satisfy the sexual desire of man. So, the question is what can we do with it?

The special feature of silicone dolls

A silicone doll is totally different to a doll. It is made especially by imitating a human. A doll is removed from the mold with the joint, nails, nice try, vagina in any size, moles and totally personalized caricature according to customer demand. The doll is speaking with phrases embedded in his brain, and each hit, it reacts. This doll is so well presentable, she is the perfect caricature of an extraordinary model and is the perfect mistress sir. With this doll, man will make his sexual experiences and will also learn to control his libido.

My doll is my life

When one focuses on an object, it is not love, but it has compassion, affection for him. This means that making the relationship with this Sex doll can become an addiction. But in another sense, it is better to learn that your husband is cheating on you with a doll with another woman, no! And somehow this feeling of loneliness can be solved by this doll, and even if it does not reason as naturally, perfect when she opens her mouth. In addition, kissing a silicone doll does not need preliminary protocol, protection and other problems to think that this girl is a slut, and they will take us like an idiot or she is leaving tomorrow.

With the doll, no breath of death of our partner, or even the possibility of a separation, because we had our differences, but in another sense, we just need to dominate our sex life and we are happy with this life.

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